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Original research publications from our team

How Platforms are Changing the Landscape of Financial Inclusion

Platforms are increasingly offering financial services, with implications for platform business models and financial inclusion.
Marissa Dean
1 min read

Micro-entrepreneurs in a Platform Era

Micro-entrepreneurs in Kenya adapt platforms to fit their business needs, revealing opportunities and challenges for their financial and economic inclusion.
Annabel Schiff
36 sec read

Conversational Interfaces: Using Chatbots for User Acquisition and Support

For companies looking to reach customers via chatbots, we outline recommendations for UX design, partnership and revenue models, and more.
Kishor Nagula
23 sec read

DFS use among digital Kenyans

This research explores how digital financial services are used in Kenya, providing valuable insights for product managers, FinTech entrepreneurs, policymakers, and DFS practitioners.
Bryan Pon
1 min read

Partner Insights

Research and insights from our partners, Mastercard Foundation's financial inclusion portfolio.

DFS Ecosystem Partnerships for Financial Inclusion in Zimbabwe

To enhance our financial services and in order to reach the marginalised, it is imperative that we make an effort to create a digital...
15 sec read

Overcoming distance when digitizing informal savings groups

Agent banking is more appropriate than mobile money for linking informal savings groups to banks, due to the difficulties around validation for the latter....
15 sec read

From our Blog

4 Ways Platforms are Driving Financial and Economic Inclusion…

There are hundreds of platforms operating across Africa. Some, like Jumia and OLX, connect providers and buyers of goods, others like Lynk and Hello...
Jessica Osborn
7 min read

Digital Payments and Transfers (P2P): The evolving story of…

Last year we shared the impact story so far on person-to-person payments and transfers (P2P). The latest update of the EGM has folded in...
Niamh Barry
6 min read

Digital credit — The evolving story of how and…

New credit studies contribute to previous insights relating to the use of SMS for improved borrowing behavior and add new insights on longer-term outcomes...
Niamh Barry
5 min read

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